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Dynamic Templates proposal

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Joined: 2003-09-11

I would like to propose Dynamic Templates with Rhino Javascript. This will allow templates to be created via JavaScript or xslt. The need for this IMO, is mainly in the mobile web where multiple markup languages are used based on the browser on the handset. This could also be used to address cross browser differences. Rhino can be embedded in pretty much any platform so this is not a limiting factor and JavaScript can be used as the template language. Not sure how to post images of the architecture if someone could help with that I have UML diagrams that explain this in more detail thanks.

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Joined: 2003-07-31

Hi rlowe,

XSLT is a little complicated for our target audience though the idea of Embedded JavaScript is interesting for JSP / JSF developers (we already have embedded JavaScript support with Project Phobos (

Could you join the jMaki Extensions Project ( and we can work on this there?

We are trying to keep the core of jMaki a little more stable as we are pushing for a 1.0 release candiadate finally.