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JXTA project still in development?

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Joined: 2006-01-10

I was searching for a spot where could download the latest JXTA release (2.5), but I haven't found one yet. Although I downloaded the latest "JXTA Java Standard Edition v2.5:
Programmers Guide" released 17th of June.
Strangely enough 50% of the links related to the JXTA are not working on this site.
Why is that?!?
JXTA seems to be an interesting project but in this kind of condition it is very difficult for newbies to find a starting point.
Maybe some pro can give me/us newbie(s) a hint.

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Joined: 2005-04-30

I'm also one of uninitiated but i can clear up some things:

Jxta moved from there old website system to here( the old was brought down the beginning of the week. (I missed the heads up for that.) see also:

as for 2.5 there is a beta and I just noticed yesterday also a release candidate, check out these two links:

Joined: 2006-01-10

Thanks for your help!
But I just was figuring out the same the last days, step by step I'm realizing what's going on here ;)
Quite recently I built my first JXTA "HelloWorld" project with eclipse, so seems like I'm evolving.
I guess in a few weeks this site will be in a better shape with more information for all interested people.

One thing which is odd to me is that you won't find any new books about this topic, when you crawl through the web (e.g. amazon) you only find releases from 2004 and older?
It seems like JXTA isn't that popular for the public anymore?