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Hosting the J2ME javadoc

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Joined: 2006-09-14

Does anyone know the rules about posting Sun's javadoc online?

I have seen several sites that host copies of javadoc, produced by Sun and some others. I wanted to make the javadoc for MIDP2.0 and some of the optional APIs like JSR-75 available on my site

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Thanks for checking back with us.

The license for the JSR specifications prohibits 3rd parties from distributing or making available the specification and/or related javadocs and documentation. External sites that might be doing this are in violation of the license, unfortunately.

The Sun developer network is hosting the most important specs and javadocs here:

However, I agree with you that complete and up-to-date online documentation is important. Sun is working on a comprehensive developer documentation portal but there is currently no target date for when it will be available. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Hope that make sense.

-- Terrence

Joined: 2006-09-14

Hi Terrence,

Thanks for the clarification. The restriction makes perfect sense. The idea came to me while reading another thread this morning in which two sources of javadoc, one questionable, were cited.

Having only one, official, online repository for the documentation would prevent situations such as the one mentioned above.

I have seen several forum posts by newcomers that could be resolved with a quick check of the javadoc. For example, obtaining and referencing the javadoc for the FileConnection class may not be intuitive for an engineer who is new to J2ME and has just downloaded the WTK.

Thanks again and I look forward to the comprehensive site from Sun.