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ME Framework developers meeting minutes (06/26/2007)

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ME Framework developers meeting.

Vladimir Sizikov
Dmitri Trounine
Vasily Isaenko
Alexey Yambarshev
Alexander Alexeev


Status is OK, no pending big issues.
Code freeze delayed to today because of two discovered issues.


In issue tracker we have a lot of bugs of various priorities. How
distinguish the bugs to be fixed for some milestone?
- Priority should not be changed only for saying "we don't want
to fix it now". Future target release should be set for such bug instead
of lowing priority.
- We should at least evaluate "not reproducible" bugs to track
the chages that have been made since the bug was introduced.
- We should not close bugs as "resolve later".

AI: We need to review UG by Thursday.

We CAN fix Javadoc comments after code freeze.

AI for Vova: talk to Misha about new message on cqMe forum posted by new
user wondering how to get the cqME running.

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