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KVM onto ARM board with Linux 2.6.13

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Helo There,

I am newbie to CLDC/MIDP and J2ME. So please let me know the steps to get
KVM and associated libraries loaded onto the board. I read the KVM porting

i have basic questions:
1. Can i load the binary (of linux) kvm from cldc direcotry onto ARM baord?
2. Do i need to make or build the KVM for ARM with arm-linux-gcc

Thanks for your help

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1. The MIDP build output directory contains a set of files, including the phoneME linux binary. These files need to be accessible by the Linux on the ARM board, be it by copying them to a local directory on the board or by mounting the build output directory onto the Linux on the ARM board.

2. Building phoneME Feature for Linux requires a ARM cross-compiler and the arm-linux-gcc target.

-- Terrence