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Hinkmond Wong

Hi Kazuyuki-san,

>> Alternatively, since this is an open source project, you're welcomed
>> to add the feature yourself and contribute to the project. If you're
>> interested, let me know, and I'll try to walk you through the steps
>> of doing so (or ask a colleague to do so with you).
> Thank you for your proposal.
> I'll consider whether I do that or not.

Here is more info on making a contribution to the project:

Just follow these instructions to submit code to contribute to the project:

Before that, please also make sure to sign and return the following
contributor's form:

> I have a question.
> To add the feature, a "src/share/javavm/" directory will be updated.
> Generally, influences on java specification and differences with
> licensee source code that Sun Microsystems manages
> may occur by the update.
> What policy about it does this open source project have ?

Only code changes that do not adversely affect the TCK tests will be
accepted. Therefore, we ensure the compatibility with the existing Java
ME specifications, and there will be no differences with licensee source
code in terms of compatibility.


> Regards,
> Kazuyuki

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