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Finding Process Memory Leak?

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A couple of question that may also provide some hints?
1) Does you application use JNI? Sometimes the answer is not that straight forward, i.e., in WebLogic if you set "Enable native I/O" or use Oracle OCI drivers you are using JNI
2) In jConsole did you see classes being unloaded?
3) Is the application thread count is constant or changing?
4) Did you start your application with -Xms equals -Xmx?
5) in jConosole observer the PERM memory (in the memory tab drop down) - most leaks will be visible over there.

Most likely the leaky parts are either C++ code or the JNI interface itself. I would try and reduce these gradually and look for evidence of a leak.


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I am also facing the similar issue. We are running our application in WAS having the same problem.....We also suspected the DB2 Driver and applied necessary fix pack also ....but still we are having the issue. Any help is appreciated.