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Req Performance hints for painting large numbers of objects

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Just wondering if anyone knows of any resources that might help me tweak the performance of a graph api that's drawing a large(ish) number of shapes, connecting edges and labels. I say large(ish) because I've got some 1500 nodes (and 1499 edges) all with labels and antialiased with a couple of affinetransformations. 1500 Didn't seem like a lot given the number of polygons the 3D card should be able to throw around, but the painting (panning & zooming) and even tooltip display and subsequent dirty region removal is really pretty cringeworthy.

Ideally I know need to find ways to reduce the shear number of nodes being drawn at the same time. I don't think this API can clip its painting to the viewport so I may need to rethink a clever sampelling/filtered view rather than bare-bones accurate visualisation of the data.

As a side not I did try enabling opengl (sun.java2d.opengl=True) although on 6.0 this seems to either stall my swing app or crash the VM outright even before I attempt any java2d work. Is this a known issue with 6.0u1? Its standard Dell kit using a NVIDIA Quadro FX with a 2gb dual core machine with Windows XP. Java 1.5 seemed to work for me but I didn't see any improvements with opengl enabled.

- Richard

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