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Https connection with a midlet

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I all!

I'm a student who is doing my final studying project; on this one, i'm developping a midlet that communicates with a web server. I want that the communication be secure, so I think the best way to do it is with a https connection.

The problem that i have found is that the midlet generates a CertificateException when it try to connect to the page. The first thing i do is to crearte an Certificate Authority (CA) with openssl (on my web server); then i make a cerficate signed by this CA, i indicate the web server to manage this certificate.

How can i sign the midlet to have access to de web page (on a https connection)? I have the mobility toolkit, so there's a tool for signing midlet, but i can't to use it. Can someone help me??? Thanks!!!

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in fact this exception will not occurs when your certificate was signed by a real CA (like VeySign, CertSign ...).

In your case, I think that a CertificateException is acceptable. You should manage the exception.


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Here is a complete example:

I have added this URL to our ME Application Developer Wiki at

in the "MIDP related" section. Feel free to add more info and tips as you uncover them.

Let me know if that works.


-- Terrence