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Updates from Hideya

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Joined: 2003-07-22

Hello Community Members,

Sorry for the long absence -- I have been involved in an urgent
company project (unfortunately not related to LG3D), which fully
occupied me since around the end of last summer... I missed
interactions with you folks a lot!

Now, I'm wrapping it up, and at the same time, I'm changing my job.
Actually, today is my last day working here at Sun.
I just wanted to tell you folks that I will still keep myself involved
in LG3D even after I moved to a new company (how nice LG3D being an
opensource project!). I'm looking forward to seeing you folks again
when I'm back once I get settled in the new place!

All the best,

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Joined: 2003-06-16


On behalf of Sun, we would like to thank you for the immense
contributions you made to the Looking Glass project and
wish you the best in your new venture! It is great to know that
you are planning to continue to contribute to the project and
we are looking forward to continue working with you. We
also appreciate you remaining a co-owner of the project.

Going forward the Sun team will be focusing on adding collaboration
features to the Project Looking Glass Platform. This work is in the
lg3d-wonderland project. We are very excited about the new opportunities
presented by Project Wonderland (
The initial feedback to Project Wonderland have been overwhelming. As we
(The Sun Team) primarily focus on Project Wonderland moving forward, we
are certainly encouraging people to continue to contribute to the core
Looking Glass project, as well as helping us and getting involve in
Project Wonderland.

The Looking Glass/Wonderland Sun Team