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hdcookbook and GRIN: Subversion is coming

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Dear all,

I'd like to switch the
project from CVS to SVN source-code management. When
this happens, it means the history will go away. I'd
like to do this in late June, when I finalize version
1.0 of GRIN. This version will be the one that goes on
the DVD in the book.

With that putback, other good stuff will appear, like
a BDJO building tool.

Switching to SVN means that the CVS history will be
lost. If you'd like to keep a copy of an earlier
version of GRIN, please make it now.

If you haven't heard of Subversion, it's like a better
version of CVS. It's more reliable, and it has some
important features. It has real support for deleting
directories and files, which is already becoming important
for GRIN. With SVN, things like atomic commits are truly
atomic - I've read that with CVS, they can fail in the

SVN is new to me, but it looks to be widely available.
I found the Mac version quickly, and it has a well-supported
plugin for NetBeans 5.5.



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