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"Add to Register" not appearing in Netbeans 5.5

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Joined: 2007-06-08

Hi ,
I am following the instructions given in "NetBeans IDE 5.0 Quick Start Guide for Web Services".
The url for the same is given below.

I created a Web Service with an operation as specificed in the url.
I ran the project HiWS. Deployed it.
I follow the instructructions as specified in "Register and Test the Web Service"

Step 1 says go to the operation sayHi and right click and you will find "Add to Register". But I am unable to find that.
Is it because I have to install some patches?

With regards

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Joined: 2003-06-10

I am not sure if they are carrying forward 'Register and Test Web Service' in NB 5.5.1 and beyond. You maylike to post this question to netbeans forum to get this answer.