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Re: Remote Device Access service launched by Forum Nokia

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Hello James,

I just tried logging in to the system and it is working normally, so this is
most likely a local problem related to browser/Java-settings. The first
thing is to make sure that you have a Java webstart properly installed
(which I suppose you have). I don't have a Mac so I can't check this in
detail with those mentioned browsers. However here are a few settings you
can check:

from Java control panel:

* Advanced -> Default browser for Java (select the one you want to use or all)
* Advanced -> JNLP file/MIME association -> either to "always allow" or
"prompt user"
* Advanced -> Security -> Allow user to accept JNLP security requests -> yes
* General -> Network settings -> select option "Use browser settings"

from browser settings:

* make sure that the browser you are using is able to associate JNLP-files
with Java webstart launcher. For example from Firefox you can check this
from "options -> file types -> manage"

In case these login problems occur, it's sometimes a good idea to cleanup
your browser cache and go to Control panel -> Java -> Temporary internet
files -> Delete files. Also check the path of the temporary Java
files-folder and make sure you have write access-rights to that folder.

Another reason might be a firewall or such, blocking some of the traffic and
causing there problems. The RDA application uses ports 80 and 1200, the
latter of which may be sometimes be blocklisted by default. Ideally the Java
webstart application should run pretty much straight out of the box, at
least with IE/Firefox after JRE has been installed properly. I've setup it
on quite many PCs and ran it without problems, all of those were
W2K/XP-machines though. The logins are validated from Forum Nokia
single-sign on server, so if you are able to otherwise to stay logged in to
the Forum Nokia site, then the login should also work with RDA.


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