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Understanding the download page

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Joined: 2003-07-09

I am trying to figure out how new 9.2 is. Is there a date anywhere of when this version came out?

Is it also true, as the page says, that the NB plugin is 9.1 whereas the Eclipse plugin is 9.2? If so, are there plans for an updated NB plugin? It says "The plugin contains the jMaki v.9.1 framework with samples"

Is it really true that the 9.2 zip contains the 9.1 core runtime?

Here is what the download page says:

Maki v .9.2 - Stable Release Release Notes

The latest release version .9.2 of jMaki includes:

* Feature Complete - All 1.0 Features are in!
* updates to NetBeans and Eclipse plugin
* Bug fixes << implies change to the core
* Bundled with sample applications

jMaki v0.9.1 Core Runtime << but says 9.1 core runtime?

The jMaki core framework does not contain any of the toolkits or libraries and is useful for developing Ajax applications on its own. Download one of the samples for examples on using the toolkits.

* Java-
* PHP-

I am not seeing anything in the release notes at to answer these questions.

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Joined: 2003-07-31

Thank you for the pointer on the page. Carla updated this today and we plan to fix it again this week when we release .9.3.1

The best way to track things is on the news list:

All said we need to add jMaki v.9.3 ;-)

Joined: 2003-07-09

If you want help with this, let me know.