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Using other Java SE based apps with ME

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I am trying to determine if Java ME is suitable for our embedded application.

In particular we would like to use JBoss remoting, if possible.

In general, is it fair game to take any Java SE source and get it to build on a Netbeans Java ME CDC project? If it builds, would this be an indicator that it would run on the Java ME JVM? Is there anything that I shouldn't do when building a CDC package, like add in Java SE packages (jar)?

Otherwise, what is the approach to determine if other Java libraries, packages, will run on Java ME?

-- B

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Here is a comparison between CDC/FP/PP/PBP and Java SE:

In general, most Java SE 1.4.2 code will build and run fine on the lastest CDC stack. The UI toolkit is a sticky point, of course, as Swing is not availble on CDC by default.

As you say an easy verification method is to import your Java SE code into NetBeans + Mobility for CDC and try and compile and run it.

There is an application called "Javacheck"

but it hasn't been maintained so you currently cannot use it to determine whether or not an application will run on CDC. There are discussions on whether to revive Javacheck. You can participate in the poll here:

-- Terrence