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which JWSDP 1.6 jars?

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Joined: 2005-05-06

We're trying to turn on fast infoset in JWSDP 1.6 and a question has arisen about which version of the jaxrpc stuff we are currently running against. After downloading a fresh copy of JWSDP 1.6, I notice that there are two versions of jaxrpc-api.jar and jaxrpc-impl.jar - one version in common\lib and another version in jaxrpc\lib. Can anyone explain the two versions and tell me what jars need to be deployed in order to turn on fast infoset?

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Joined: 2005-05-06

Additional information:

In turning on fastinfoset I discovered that I needed to use a symbol StubPropertyConstants.CONTENT_NEGOTIATION_PROPERTY which is apparently only available in the jaxrpc\lib version of jaxrpc-impl.jar; not the common\lib version. So, running with the assumption that I needed to have the jaxrpc\lib version, I made that one available to my SOAP client at compile-time and run-time. After adding FastInfoset.jar too, everything compiled. However, at run-time I get this error:

A java.lang.ClassCastException object with a message of:
java.lang.ClassCastException: com.sun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_1.Message1_1Impl cannot be cast to com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.soap.MessageImpl
was generated in the following call stack:
at com.sun.xml.rpc.client.StubBase._postSendingHook(
at com.sun.xml.rpc.client.StreamingSender._send(
at {our_IF_Stub.ourMethod(

So the bottom line is I'm still mystified as to whether or not I should have to use different versions of the jars than the versions that appear specifically in common\lib and if so, which ones, and where?

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Can you pls. give me the URL, where you took JWSDP 1.6?
As one I've downloaded, after installation, doesn't have common/lib folder.