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SchemaFactory - Problem with compiling multiple schemas in same namespace

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Till now, I have been able to use the SchemaFactory to validate a single schema file against xml source. No problems.

Now, I have a new schema that is actually broken up into a number of schemas. All belong to same namespace and the main schema "includes" all the others.

So, I have "main.xsd" that inturn includes "1.xsd", ...... "n.xsd".

I tried
1) factory.newSchema(new StreamSource(...."main.xsd"));
2) factory.newSchema(sources); // sources is an array of Source

All of them fail with the dreaded
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: src-resolve: Cannot resolve the name 'someElement' to a(n) 'element declaration' component.

If I were to append all my xsd into main.xsd it works just fine.

The xsd:include tags within main.xsd refers to all the other xsds with just the relevant name. No relative paths or anything like that.

Does anyone have a suggestion/solution to this problem? Any pointers are much appreciated.

I have seen a similar bug at
but no workaround. Is it still an issue or has anyone been able to get around this problem by custom coding LSResourceResolver?


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Joined: 2005-05-05

Hello chaganthi,

I'm facing to the same problem you described... At this time I don't still know how to implement the 'LSResourceResolver'.

Could you provide us a snippet of your code ?

Thanks in advance,


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Here's a code example that shows how to load imported xsd schemas from the classpath:


private Schema createSchema(String schemName)
throws IOException, SAXException, ClassNotFoundException, InstantiationException, IllegalAccessException {
// create a SchemaFactory
SchemaFactory factory = SchemaFactory.newInstance("");
[b]factory.setResourceResolver(new ClasspathResourceResolver());[/b]

// locate the schema on the classpath
InputStream schemaStream = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/" + schemName);
if (schemaStream == null) {
throw new IOException("XML schema not found on classpath: " + schemName);

return factory.newSchema(new StreamSource(schemaStream));

* This is an implementation of LSResourceResolver that can resolve XML schemas from the classpath
[b]private class ClasspathResourceResolver implements LSResourceResolver[/b] {
private DOMImplementationLS domImplementationLS;

private ClasspathResourceResolver() throws ClassNotFoundException, IllegalAccessException, InstantiationException {
System.setProperty(DOMImplementationRegistry.PROPERTY, "org.apache.xerces.dom.DOMImplementationSourceImpl");
DOMImplementationRegistry registry = DOMImplementationRegistry.newInstance();
domImplementationLS = (DOMImplementationLS) registry.getDOMImplementation("LS");

public LSInput resolveResource(String type, String namespaceURI, String publicId, String systemId,
String baseURI) {
"==== Resolving '" + type + "' '" + namespaceURI + "' '" + publicId + "' '" + systemId + "' '" +
baseURI + "'");

LSInput lsInput = domImplementationLS.createLSInput();
InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/" + systemId);
return lsInput;

Joined: 2007-06-05

I am answering this myself.

Implementing a custom LSResourceResolver and supplying schemas to SchemaFactory via a Source[] did the trick.

All xsds have been jarred with a custom manifest (that had class-path entries) and that jar has been placed in the WEB-INF/lib folder.

Hopefully it will help others that might run into this issue.


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I have the same problem.
How do implement the LSresolver?

could you give an example..

Joined: 2005-05-05

Actually facing also this problem... Any example on how to implement this famous 'LSResourceResolver' interface ??

Thanks in advance,


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Other interesting observations.

If I were to have all my xsds in %JBoss_Home%\bin directory, there are no problems.I would not want that to be my solution for obvious reasons. The schema gets compiled and validated.

I tried jarring all the xsds with a class-path manifest and using that jar. Did not work.

Tried having all xsds within my web-inf/classes directory, that did not work either.