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Inserting sample Jmaki apps in my own jmaki app

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Iam trying to use the jMaki "RSS Data into Table Sample" in "my" main testing app which is derived from the starting Jmaki sample app with jmaki.js version .8.3.2 as far as the ajax-wrapper-comp.jar Iam a bit confused but i think is version 0.9 I its 439kb anyway which is pretty recent I think.
The steps I followed are listed bellow
First I change the xhp.json to include the 'rssTable' servise taken from the sample xhp.json then
I added the jmaki.addGlueListener and the jmaki.listeners.urlHandler from the "RSS Data into Table Sample" at the end of my glue.js .
I added the rss2table.xsl to my xsl folder.
and copied the table component again in my resources\dojo folder just to make sure.
This didnt work for my app allthough that the sample app was deployed and worked as described.
When I made view source on the 2 .jsps in my app and the sample one showed that jmaki.webRoot and jmaki.resourcesRoot looked ok the only difference found is that a script line if (typeof djConfig == 'undefined') djConfig = { parseWidgets: false, searchIds: [] };
was produced twice from "my" jsp.

Does this mean I missed smth, does this help you to help me understand what I miss?

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Are you using ?

If you use the old tag along with the new one you might run into problems:

At the very minimum jMaki needs:

1. ajax-wrapper-comp.jar in the /WEB-INF/lib directory
2. jmaki.js (the most resent one with .9.x) in the /resources

We made an architecture change between jMaki .8.x and .9 where we now include dojo as part of the /resources/dojo/resources instead of having in /resources/libs/*

I think your issue is that you don't have the right dojo resources in your app. I would suggest moving your glue.js up to the top level of your web application and starting with the latest RSSData App and copy over everything in the /resources directory into your new application. You also want to make sure you are using

If this doesn't help I can try to help you but I'll need a war file at gregory.murray at

Hope this all helps,