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DeflaterOutputStream vs. pure Java implementations?

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I am currently developing a client-server framework and I am thinking about compressing all Input/Output using DeflaterInput/OutputStream. I am a bit concerned about the native nature of Deflater/Inflater - and several performance related bug-reports surrounding it.
Netbeans profiler also points to Inflater/Deflater as beeing a bottleneck, however I don't trust it given the fact I only compress about 200kB, the java-code generating those 200kb is quite complex and I only use default-compression.

Have you used Deflater/Inflater or their wrapper-streams successfully in high-load, high-scale enterprise applications, or would you recommend using a pure-java implementations of a compression algorythm? How does it affect scalability? Does it use highly optimized native code - or would pure java implementations be almost as fast?

Thank you in advance, lg Clemens

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A little more than two years ago, I started to write When looking at* I realized I needed a custom version of this package.

I then looked at GNU ClassPath (0.97 I think it was at the time). GNU ClassPath comes with a 100% Java implementation of the Inflater/Deflater classes. I integrated it into my code and ran my unit tests. Surprise, surprise, but the all-Java implementation was orders slower. The factor is actually hard to tell because it heavily depends on the data and the compression level.

After all I changed my code to use java.util.Inflater/Deflater again. It's robust, it's fast and it really shouldn't matter that it's native code since it's in the JRE.

Kind regards,

Joined: 2004-01-07

Thanks for sharing your experiences :-)
Well, then ... until problems pop up I'll use DeflaterOutputStream/InflaterInpuStream in future too.

Thanks for you suggestions and good luck with your project, lg Clemens