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Swing within Java3D...

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Actually i want to use a Lable & TextField where user can put values...and submit it..
like lg3D has it...(Swing with in Java3D or on Shape3D objects..)

And i want to use it in a already developed Java3D Application....
Actually , i am new to LG3D... dont know much about internals of it...
but i am gud Java3D Programmer....
do you know how to do it?
or having a class or code which does this..???

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Kirk Turner

> So i have to keep memory low, and maximize use of Screen...
LG3D can use the full screen - its rendering environment is based upon
Java3D so the same rules apply there. However, you might find that the
memory usage is higher because it does a lot more by default than
Java3D. I think you'll need to evaluate it, and see if it does benefit
you. If you need some more features that are available in a standard
desktop for your automation (running other applications for
configuration etc) then perhaps using LG3D would be advantageous.
Otherwise it might be worth looking into alternative UIs for java3D
(I've just looked on google searching for "ui java3d" and there are a
number of responses) - these won't necessarily have the same design
tools available for swing though.

> i can try...just guide me..
Your best bet is to have a look at some of the examples in the
lg3d-demo-apps subproject. If you have a look at
you'll see how java3d scenegraphs can be integrated with Java3D. tapp
stands for tiny app, and is designed primarily for menu icons etc, but
the Java3DGraph is usable within a standard application (there are
some more complete applications for you to look at within the
lg3d-incubator subproject). You can also have a look at the swingnode
and swingtest while you are there to see how swing is used in lg3d.


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Kirk Turner

Do you need to use java3d exclusively? If you were to use lg3d, you
can import the java3d scenegraph into lg3d. Otherwise it's a pretty
complicated process as I wrote on the other thread you responded to a
moment ago.

There is an example of the using the swing app functionality in the
lg3d-demo-apps, and if you want to dig through the source of the
implementation search for the lgtoolkit (from memory it is under


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Joined: 2007-02-03

Hi Kirk.

NO, its not like that...
Actually My App is part of enterprise automation system. Which is going to run 14 to 16 hrs a day..

So i have to keep memory low, and maximize use of Screen...

I dont know how to use lg3d.. and wil i be able to use complete canvas3D??

i can try...just guide me..


Joined: 2007-04-17

As I saw of lg3d code (I am more used to Java 3D) it is very similar. So you won't have a lot difficulties to pass from Java 3D to lg3D. There's a tutorial on this site.

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