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a free and open middleware for interactive DVB STB

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few days ago, we launched a first snapshot of a project called JTVOS.

it's a wannabe free and open middleware for interactive DVB STB

for the beginning, we are just packaging the Sun (kudos to them) GPL java VM (PBP phoneme advanced 1.1) on a Dreambox DVB decoder and give away a consistent build environment.

actually, inside, there's only one demo java application printing on the tv screen "hello world" and the IP address of the box (useful to get in after DHCP!)

the xlet paradigma is of course the basis of the application execution model like in the OCAP/GEM/MHP world.

the long term aim is toward a reliable and dependable interactive STB useful, at least, for trials and closed user group services.

so a javatv implementation could be on the roadmap. only many miles away!
it depends on the community.

the web site is here (sorry for the ugly handcrafted html..)

you can find some more info about it on the linux-dvb ML archive:

thank you for your attention..


andrea venturi