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JNode-The New Generation in ByteCode OS

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Joined: 2006-05-20

JNode, a "Java New OS Design Effort" is an open source all java operating system. It is a modern OS with support for modern hardware devices intended to be simple to use, install & maintain on personal devices such as desktops, tablet pcs and handhelds.

JNode has started out many years ago as just an idea that is should be possible to write an OS fully in Java by Mr. Ewout Prangsma. This OS would have all the advantages of the Java language, such as the lack of buffer overflows, security in the language itself and automatic garbage collection,and many more.

JNode has gone public about some years ago and has grown into a working OS with support for many network, disk & video devices, protocols and applications. It supports an effective command shell and the first GUI implementation is becoming a reality. In these years , the project has also grown from a 1 man effort(bcs Ewout was the only developer of it at that time), to a large group of developers, working in several teams.

We have been releasing intermediate versions roughly every second month and we will continue to do so. Every new release brings major improvements in functionality, hardware support and the idea of an overall working OS.

There has been and still it a huge discussion outside our project if an OS can and should be written in Java. Many people say it cannot be done because of lack of speed, lack of access to hardware and many other reasons. We don't mind about this discussion, because we're actually doing it. We do have a working OS, it is becoming ever more faster and it really stimulates us to do this smart. For example driver and NVidia video card using its hardware acceleration makes it just as fast as any other driver written in C or whatevery language.

So to conclude, JNode is currently not usable for a non-skilled computer user, but is growing very fast.

If you want to see our progress, visit and if you want to help out, please contact us.

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Joined: 2006-11-03

You may have already answered my question by just having posted about this project, but I will ask any way. Is this, in anyway related to the JavaOS from some years ago or is it a derivative of the micro kernel? If not does it use any native boot loaders or is entirely Java? I am interested because I have always thought that this would make for the perfect OS language. Any way, I will check out the link to the project.