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Error --- undefined reference to bc_load_w::generate()

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I was trying to build PhoneME VM for CLDC lon inux i386 machine using scratchbox. The version for GCC is 3.4.4 and G++ is 3.4.4

I am getting following error,
linking ASM loop generator: ../../loopgen/app/loopgen
FloatSupport_i386.o: In function `bc_load_w::generate()':FloatSupport_i386.cpp:(.text._ZN9bc_load_w8generateEv[bc_load_w::generate()]+0x12): undefined reference to `bc_load_w::generate(BasicType)'
FloatSupport_i386.o: In function `bc_store_w::generate()':FloatSupport_i386.cpp:(.text._ZN10bc_store_w8generateEv[bc_store_w::generate()]+0x12): undefined reference to `bc_store_w::generate(BasicType)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [../../loopgen/app/loopgen] Error 1

The error is solved by commenting out following lines from TemplateTable .hpp file
def_template_i (bc_load_w)
def_template_i (bc_store_w)

I get this error only if I use a scratchbox. However there is no error if I do the build without using a scratchbox.

Can any one let me know if this error is due to GCC or scratchbox or some thing which is deprecated and there is no implementation provided for same.


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The answer is here just a few topics earlier: