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JT Harness tutorial

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Joined: 2006-10-10

I've just added a tutorial for JT Harness.
This example shows usage of Tags test finder.
Tutorial consists of:
1. demoapi - the sources of sample API to be tested
2. demots - the sources of sample testsuite which includes tests and interview
3. documentation - documentation for this tutorial in html format.

The ant build was updated to build demoapi and demots binaries.

This tutorial could be run by command 'java -jar lib/javatest.jar -ts .' in the 'binaries/examples/tutorial/demots' directory.

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Joined: 2004-12-13

The primary purpose of this tutorial is to show new users how to use the harness with a basic test suite. So it exercises the harness' basic GUI functions, but it certainly not a comprehensive tutorial. For example, it does not cover CLI (command line) usage, which can be quite powerful. We will try to expand it as time allows, or if you'd like you contribute, new sections for the tutorial would be welcome. Perhaps a way to contribute and test your understanding of a subsystem.

A secondary effect of having this tutorial is that it comes with source code. You can ignore the demoapi stuff, it is just to facilitate the tutorial. The source to the test suite and interview are key for developing a new test suite though, so in addition to the published Architect's Guide, these examples are a great example.