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my big picture for small java

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hi, all.
the following is just my idea, welcome discuss it!

i want implement a small java vm for embedded device.
it is not phoneme--- I think phoneme is too big.
maybe such a vm will source from cldc.

following is the layout.

application or driver by java code
hardware profile
small java vm(maybe cldc)
hardware abstract layer
| i2c | gpio | lcd | pci | usb | memory |other hw|

what is the hard profile?
The hardware profile will provide some java interface what will bring user
the ability access hardware directly. that means a java programmer will
write device driver easily on an embedded device.

such a java vm even need not an OS. It need a bootloader only.


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I'd say the VM portion (CLDC-HI) of phoneME Feature is what you want for this. CLDC-HI is very compact and was specifically designed for embedded devices. The majority of the memory consumed by a Java stack is determined by the class libraries so limiting the class libraries you require gets you the bulk of the footprint savings.

I advise against using the KVM code base. That is only a reference implementation and is not actively developed anymore.

As for the hardware profile - this is certainly possible but to review the design it would be helpful to understand your goals and requirements. Are you proposing to control your embedded device with a Java-based operating system? If yes, why?

-- Terrence

Terrence Barr
Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Community
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