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Missing template implementation

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When tried to compile phonme with gcc 3.4.4 (& g++ with version 3.4.4 ) , I get an error something like this
FloatSupport_i386.o: In function `bc_load_w::generate()':FloatSupport_i386.cpp:(.text._ZN9bc_load_w8generateEv[bc_load_w::generate()]+0x12): undefined reference to `bc_load_w::generate(BasicType)'

When I debugged I found that cldc/src/vm/share/interpreter/TemplateTable.hpp has declared to c++ templates classes bc_load_w & bc_store_w. But there seems no corresponding implementation for the "generate" function.

At present by simply commenting calls to generate these templates from TemplateTable.hpp can let the compilation process complete. But has any one got idea what is the use of bc_load_w & bc_store_w template classes ? And do we need to provide implementation for the generate function of these classes ?


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Those definitions without an implementation look like some outdated stuff.
They are not needed and can be safely removed.
BTW, I don't remember a compiler issued a warning on these two lines,
that's why, I think, they are still there.