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(newbie) How to run JAXB catalog-resolver sample

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Joined: 2005-01-14

Hello, I would like to run xjc (I guess) on the samples/catalog-resolver sample[1] but don't know how (which parameters I should be using, etc.) The readme.txt file[2] isn't particularily informative here. Also, in that readme.txt file, the URL at line 19 does not work (even with the typo around "www" removed)--does anyone know what the URL today for the article referenced should be?




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Joined: 2005-01-14

OK, I was able to answer my own questions:

After running "ant dist" from the JAXB distribution root to create the JAR files, I ran the script in the dist/bin/xjc directory:

/path/to/ -catalog catalog.xsd test.xsd

Only problem is that the catalog does not seem to be read. I will need to do more testing of this.

Also, from the RI notes (, the new URL for the document referenced is