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how to access web inside wl ?

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ok, it works :))

how can I access internet pages from wonderland ??

which keys ?

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Note that we don't yet support Solaris. Coming soon.

Joined: 2007-05-14

I confirmed it works within my intranet. I run a server on a windows machine and client on linux machine. I successfully logged in the windows machine from the linux machine. I modified the config file on the clinet machine for server address (e.g I recognize two user IDs are shown in Users pane.

But clinet program was killed before I recognize the two avatars in the display. Its probably due to very low spec of the Linux machine (192M RAM, 400 MHZ pentium 2)

Kirk Turner

Note - you need to start with 'ant run-xapps' not 'ant run' for the
menu items and X11 apps to be available. Also if you have other
instances of the apps open then they probably won't start or won't be
started within wonderland (i.e. I had openoffice writer open and
looking at the presentation broad it up outside wonderland).


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You can use the dns name instead of the IP address.

Finding suitable servers, or even emailing your server 'connection string' to others is something we need to make much, much easier. We've thought about using a URL form to address the servers, something like wurl://

Any other ideas/suggestions ?

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how about a central repository where you can register your WL-server when it starts and WL-clients that do a lookup of the available servers at startup. (Something like UDDI for then not for web services) So when you start a server you can register it, if you like. Ans when a client start it presents you a list of known servers and the ability to enter a URL yourself.

Kirk Turner

I was thinking of something like this as well... or alternatively it
might be something that can be set up with people like gamespy - as
that is a model already implemented and used for various games (I
presume there is a cost for that though). I think this would prove
very useful for people looking to use wonderland for teaching where
they want 'public' access of some degree.

>From a development/demonstration perspective that would be interesting
to have - my experience has been a solo one as I don't have anything
other my laptop that can run wonderland.

Certainly some mechanism of configuring the client to connect to a
server without having to edit configuration files is needed.

I'll have a look at how the client connection is handled and see how
configurable it is.

Paul - I'm not sure creating a custom url for it would be necessary -
address and port (with a good default for the port) would work as
well. Although the amount of work that it take is minimal and would
make it easier just just post one url and go from there.

What are the possibilities of running the client through java web
start (I know you did this for lg3d... I never tried it out though) -
is it possible to set up a jws that downloads the required info if
need be, but otherwise only changes the address (e.g. its a common
wonderland resource that the jws file only needs provide the different
address)? I haven't played around with JWS enough to know.


Jonathan Kaplan

Kirk Turner wrote:
> Certainly some mechanism of configuring the client to connect to a
> server without having to edit configuration files is needed.
> I'll have a look at how the client connection is handled and see how
> configurable it is.
FYI, I put together a simple login dialog yesterday that lets you
specify which server to connect to. I have it in my workspace, and hope
to commit it in the next few days.

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Webstart should be possible, but we have not tried it yet. It's on the todo list. It would be great to be able to launch this from links in a web page. The link will need at least what we discussed above (server IP/name & port number) along with optional initial position and orientation. The big question here is identity/security. As users 'warp' between worlds on different servers in many cases we want to keep a consistent identity. Some interesting challenges await......

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I don't have a unique static IP address for now. I also hope someone host WL

Joined: 2003-06-13

If you are running on a linux (or Solaris system) simply start Firefox from the Shared Apps menu. It will start in the team room.

For users on Windows we will have to run the Firefox on a unix application server, we don't have any running publicly at the moment.

Joined: 2007-05-14

I hope WL would indentfy servers on internet with Mac address or something like GUID instead of IP address. Most users have IP address allocated from DHCP server sadly. This is my request for future modification.