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How to write XML document?

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I am referring to javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder class.

This class has a method "parse" which returns us the Document object.

My question is how can I write that Document back to file system?

Is there any class which can write the XML document to file system?


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You might want to look into JAXB as well, provided you have XML schema files

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Q. How do I output/marshal/serialize a DOM tree into a stream?

Previously, there was only one way to do this using JAXP, which required using the transform component. However, support for DOM Level 3 load and save was added in JAXP 1.4. Using this component, it is now possible to read an XML document into a DOM (load) and write a DOM into an XML document (save) in a platform-independent manner.

////////////////////// Something like that should work ///////////////////////////
Document d = db.parse(document);

TransformerFactory tf = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
Transformer t = tf.newTransformer();
t.transform(new DOMSource(d), );