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printing businesscards/barcodes

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I need to make an application for printing bar-codes/business cards. User should be able to choose picture that he wants to print, to set the margins, the size of the paper (a4, a5...), orientation (portrait, landscape), the number of visit-cards/bar-codes that needs to be printed etc.. Application should be used only for printing, not designing.

I don't know where to start, so I would like to ask if somebody could:

1. recommend couple of applications of this type, so I could have a better insight on what needs to be done.

2. recommend a way to 'print/print-preview' the bar-codes/business cards, maybe some examples (I worked with jasperreports before so I thought that maybe I should use jasperreports jrxml file, which I would modify before preview, then the file would be compiled to jasper file and used every time when user wants to print/print-preview. This way, margins, orientation etc. would be set in a gui part (swing/awt), then the data would be written to jrxml file. I don't know if it's a good idea? Is there a better way to solve the printing/print preview of pages, zoom in/out).

3. post couple of links that could help me to get started on the project.

Thanks, Igor

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Hey Hi Igor,

I've studied your post.

I would like to know, Finally, have you done your project.

If so is that working successfully without any bugs. I want you to develop one for me.

I want to update the tool which i am using for printing business cards.



Techstore are specialists in a range of Business Cards Printing Services.

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Hope this helps.. Ive had to write a few bar code programs in the past..

A bar code from a programmers perspective is nothing more than a Font. Same as arial and times new roman. The bar code fonts are standardized on different specifications.

So all you would need to know is which bar code standard you need to support and write out the "real" value and apply the appropriate bar code Font to it.