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how to Add Chinese to a java swing

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The problem is quite simple

I have a dataBase with 2 kinds of information:
chinese letters
pijin writing, that has european letters with some strange accents

When I try to display them in a JTextField, the accents of the pijin writing disapear and the chinese letters won't appear

Thanks for any help


I found where I have the problem: when I get the String from the dataBase using the code that follows, I only get the ASCII code 63, wich means I got the ? that shows up afterwars. Using ASCII code I can print the Chinese caracter, but how can I extract it from the database?

public static String ObtenerPalabraCaracter(int i){
String palabra;
palabra = "error";
try {
Statement orden = conexion.createStatement();

ResultSet tabla = orden.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM CARACTERES Where ID = " + i );;
palabra = tabla.getString("Caracter");

} catch (SQLException se){
System.out.println("Error al obtener una palabra en caracteres chinos: " + se);

return palabra;

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Maybe this URL will give you the information you are looking for: