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Running on Ubuntu 7.04 with a ATI card

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Joined: 2004-12-03

Hi all,

On JavaOne I attended the BOF session on Project Wonderland. I was so excited that once I got back to my hotel room I immediately downloaded the source code. I ran into a little problem with my ATI card (it's a X1600) on my laptop. The fgl_gears demo program didn't run unless I run it as root. After some poking around in my configuration I found out that the DRI section was put in comment. Once I uncommented the DRI section fgl_gears ran at about 480 fps. Now I got Wonderland running with a frame rate of about 25-35 fps depending on the complexity of the room I'm in.
One of the coolest features is running X11 applications withing Wonderland. Look at the help within Wonderland or the projects home page for more information.

I am running a Ubuntu 7.04 on a HP nc8430 laptop with a ATI X1600 video card. I am using the restricted drivers for the video card.

Here is my X11 configuration part for enabling DRI

Section "DRI"
Mode 0666

Just wanted to share my experience with you, have fun

Nico Tromp

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Kirk Turner

Hi Nico,

Good to hear you got it working, and welcome to Wonderland.

Just a note to others new to Wonderland, if you are having troubles
with technical issues getting wonderland working (particularly with
graphics issues) - it might also be worth looking through the archives
of the Project Looking Glass forums (which is the parent forum to
Wonderland) at

Likewise I think the X11 integration (and did I hear some mention of
windows app integration Paul in one of those videos.. or was that more
'windowing applications'?) is one of the great things that sets
Wonderland apart and will make it a great tool for more than just


Joined: 2003-06-13

HI Nico,

Great, glad you got things working with the ATI card. Let's hope ATI invest a little more in a solid linux driver strategy.

I did mention windows apps, in the keynote I think. We can use RDP to run windows apps in the world. We have been using an X11 rdp client, but in the future we hope to use one of the java rpd clients.