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Which ECLIPSE project to develop JSP, SERVLET and EJB?

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I am very new to JAVA. I want to find an IDE to start to learn and develop JAVA program.
I know Eclipse is a good one among all others. but when i browser their site, there are alot of sub projects and I dont know which one is right for me.

I want to develop JSP, SERVLET, and EJB using ECLIPSE IDE.

So could you give me some ideas which ECLIPSE project should I choose? And by the way, Is it true that Eclipse is free?


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Joined: 2007-11-12

Its true Eclipse tool is free.

[b]But there is a plug-in for Eclipse, which you can find a plug-in MyEclipse(which gives support to Eclipse to deploy projects on different Application servers, By default with Eclipse you can't Integrate with any of the Application Server).

Regarding the projects:
Why can't you just try a simple projects instead of taking them from eclipse site.
Some thing like Online Question paper or Online book store..
Just kept my thoughts here, if you like them use it, else scrap them.