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problem with netbeans 5.5.1

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I am trying to create a new web service from WSDL using the netbeans IDE tool.

I have netbeans 5.5.1 and jax ws 2.1 RI. I am using apache ant 1.7.0.

When I try to do the import, I get the error : build-impl.xml:299: taskdef A class needed by class cannot be found: org/apache/tools/ant/DynamicConfigurator

Am I missing a piece of software here ? Does this class belong to something else that must also be installed ?

Any help would be appreciated

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i've had the same problem - why can't an ant process recognize an ant class??
i've gone over my configuration of ant - nothing out of the ordinary
and still have the same problem.

any ideas for a solution?


e. john fuhr

Joined: 2004-03-04

I have this problem too, it happens because I put jaxws 2.1 in endorsed directory of my jdk 1.6.
But when not putting jaxws 2.1 in endorsed I get the following error:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.LinkageError: JAXB 2.0 API is being loaded from the bootstrap classloader, but this RI (from jar:file:/C:/Program%20Files/Java/glassfish-v2/lib/webservices-rt.jar!/com/sun/xml/bind/v2/model/impl/ModelBuilder.class) needs 2.1 API. Use the endorsed directory mechanism to place jaxb-api.jar in the bootstrap classloader. (See