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[OFF TOPIC] Announcing Fractrace is available for membership

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Fractrace is a 3D IFS fractal generating and rendering program for producing high quality 3D digital fractal images and animation. (I've posted several image links in the last few days)

Fractrace is written in Java and Java3D.

As of today, the first members other than myself have been added to the project.

For those who choose to check out the project, don't expect much right now. Up to this point it has been written for my use only, is poorly documented, and poorly organized.

Also, the fractrace project is/was created to utilize Sun's grid network for remotely rendering animation frames, to use it in any other way it will have to be re-written. I haven't worked on the grid version since my latest changes due to my hours expiring. I'll be working on adding the designer interface that I use on my own computer to the project as a seperate package.

To subscribe to the mailing list you'll have to join the project then go to the mailing list page and select which lists you want to subscribe to. For now I will only be subscribed to the, and lists.

Don Casteel

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