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Bill Foote

Alejandro Castan wrote:
> Hi Bill:
> Please don't worry. Thanks anyway.
> I would like to do you only another question, Would it
> be possible?
> If you would be in my position and you are learning
> J2SE right now and you want to learn BD-J programing,
> Which way would you have?

Hi Alejandro,

I hope you don't mind if I redirect this to the BD-J
forum. As word of the forum spreads (e.g. at JavaOne this
week), it's quite possible that this thread will get picked
up by people who know more than I do about courses, books
and such.

The first thing I'd say is be careful about the terms "J2ME"
or "Java ME". In practice, ME is used in two ways:

* An informal name for the CLDC/MIDP platform used in
mobile phones

* A formal name that encompasses both CLDC/MIDP and CDC/PBP.

I'd say that about 95% of the people who have heard of "J2ME" use
the word in the first way, even though CLDC/MIDP really have nothing
at all to do with Blu-ray, or the rest of the TV ecosystem.
TV is based on Personal Basis Profile, which in a lot of ways is
more like Java SE. So that's good news if you're coming from SE.

If you're looking to bootstrap some development for experimentation,
then a good first step is to start with the Personal Basis Profile
spec. PBP 1.0 is JSR 129, on . From there, there
are various ways of putting together a development environment,
that approach BD-J to varying degrees. Some of the sites on (and the sites they link to) describe
different paths. They each get you something that more-or-less
approximates BD-J, to varying degrees.

I don't want to go into too much detail, because this should be
changing a lot in the next three to six months. For "true" BD-J
development, the key is really getting an execution environment.
We're working on making that easier, and when we have something
we'll definitely make it known here in the BD-J forum.



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