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3D flame rendering update

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I know it's been a while since I posted anything new.

This weekend I had two major breakthroughs, first I found a coding error that was hurting the sharpness and detail of the rendered images, fixing it made a huge improvement in clarity.

Second, I tried creating cross eyed stereo images of the new clearer renderings. What I found was the blury/cloudy look I've been trying to get rid of, which is part of rendering the transparency gradient goes away, and the image resolves into a perfectly sharp 3D object right before your eyes!

I can't explain why this happens other than to guess that seeing through the transparency from two angles at the same timeclears up different portions of the cloudyness?

The stereo views also make refraction much easier to pick up.

I never could get the hang of walleyed stereo views, so these are made crosseyed. If you prefer/need walleyed, open the image in almost any image viewer and flip it horizontally.

If you have trouble viewing them, here's a link to some good pointers (thanks to lucium)

(Best to worse)

Don Casteel

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