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Activity Context creation

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Does the JSLEE container actually create activity contexts like what is suggested below?

==== start quote ====
1. An event (for example, an incoming SIP message) arrives on an activity and is fielded by the container via a resource adaptor.
2. The JSLEE container creates an activity context for the activity, if needed.
3. The container searches through the installed services to discover if there is one or more services that are interested in the incoming event.
==== end quote ====

My question is on step 2. The SLEE spec says that Activity Context doesn't have a visible Java API. So where in the mobicents code would this activity context be created?


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ActivityContext are an abstraction described by the spec and are implemented inside mobicents according to the spec.
The JSLEE specification does not define any class or interface for Activity Context, that is up to the implementation.
SBB can interact with an Activity Context by using the interface ActivityContextInterface, this interface hides the implementation details and provides a standard way to interact with the Activity Context.
If you need to create a ActivityContext inside a SBB you can use the ActivityContextInterfaceFactory provided by the resource adaptor for a protocol activity or the NullActivityContextInterfaceFactory for a SLEE internal activity.