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Nested Widget tags.

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Is it possible to create widgets inside of widgets?

This produces nothing between the outer tags. Placing the cards tags inside component.htm of the cardtable widget, although not as generic, just passes through the tags as is.

What is the preferred method of mixing widgets in a parent/child relationship? Maybe this is just not done.

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The JSP jMaki does not allow this type of behavior because we do not have the option to do the same type of inclusion across technologies and it complicates the model a bit.

That said we have the injector for including content from another source, and the jmaki.DContainer to include content (including another widgets) loaded from a separate URL

Find out more about the injector which is a really a low level API for widget developers at:

Find out more about using the Dcontainer at:

The other option if you are a JSF developer is to use the visual web pack which does allow you to do inclusion as you specified. Find out more about it here: