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[PATCH] Solaris [was Re: [PATCH] File module patch to build for Solaris]

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Henry Jen

Attached is the full patch to build pcsl under Solaris with Sun Studio,
passed donuts test.

Seems like donuts does not have network testing, is there something else
to be used?


Henry Jen wrote:
> Forgot the attachment, here it goes again.
> Cheers,
> Henry
> Henry Jen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Solaris has definition of O_CREAT to be 0x100, as well on Windows
>> while Linux is 0x40.
>> As those macro definitions used in PCSL file module are fairly
>> standardized, I am not sure why we don't simply use the standard header.
>> Attached is a patch to use fcntl.h and stdio.h and define PCSL version
>> by using the standard macros.
>> This allows Solaris build to complete and pass the donuts test. If
>> there is a concern on using standard headers, I would like to learn
>> about them, and we can revert back to do a similar converting process
>> for posix file modules as well.

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