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Wonderland/MPK20 at SunLabs OpenHouse

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The project is being shown at the SunLabs Open House. The Open House is a 2 day event where teams demonstrate new technologies to Press & Analysts, other Sun employees, and the public ( ).

Our project is being very well received and we had lots of very interesting discussions and brainstorming with folks. This was the first opportunity to actually spend some real time in world interacting with remote colleagues. We had WAN connections with 2 remote users and 3 local users, using voice and shared applications, it all worked, well mostly ;-)

The final day of the open house is today, and then it's back to the final push to get everything ready for demo at JavaOne.

If you've not tried the latest source I encourage you to download it and try it out. There have been lots of improvements over the last few weeks.


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