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What should be done to use dojo in glue

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Need to use method in glue.js. But I don't use any of the dojo widgets. Is it possible to use this method in glue.js. If so what needs to be done?

In the config.json file while loading my lib - specified:

{"id": "testLib",
"version": ".4.1",
"libs": ["/resources/libs/dojo/version.4.1/dojo.js", "/resources/injector.js", "/resources/jmaki-common.js" ],
"preload" : "if (typeof djConfig == 'undefined') djConfig = { parseWidgets: false, searchIds: [] };"

But when I use the method in the glue.js - I still get the error - "dojo is undefined".

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Joined: 2003-07-31

Try the following at the top of your glue.js


This will do a load synchronously.

With the dojo.type defined in the config.json as you have it defined.

If this doesn't work let us know.