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Email-to-SMS Destination Port Question

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Joined: 2007-04-24

I have a MIDP 2.0 WMA application which registers itself to be
triggered by SMS messages on port 1234 in the JAD, like so..

MIDlet-Push-1: sms://:1234, com.example.SMSHandlerMIDlet, *

I would like to send a plain-text SMS message via email using my
carriers email-to-SMS gateway, (T-Mobile), but
haven't figured out how to get the email header right. AFAICT, I'm
supposed to add the following to the email headers for a plain-text

UDH: true
UDH-DATA: 0605041234000

..but this doesn't seem to work. I've also tried..

UDH: 0605041234000 no avail. I greatly appreciate your help!

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Joined: 2007-10-12

UDH = 060504[b]04D2[/b]0000
this should send sms to the port 1234 where 04D2 is the hex value for 1234
06 => bytes follow
04D2 => Hex value for 1234

i tested it it works with me but it send binary sms

Joined: 2010-05-31

Hi, I've been trying hard to do the same thing with both SMS and MMS with my tmobile number. So far no avail. I just receive an SMS that includes the UDH header in it's text. Can you please tell me exactly how it's done? Where in the email do I have to include the UDH header? Also do you have any idea about how to do this with MMS?

Many thanks