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accordionXML documentation

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Joined: 2006-06-21

Where can I find documentation for accordionXML? I need to know the arguments and how to call it (widget.json doesn't describe anything).

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Joined: 2003-07-31

We have removed the accordionXML from the general widgets as of .8 and no longer provide it. You can still use the widget by copying the resources into your resources/spry directory. I'm not going to guarantee this works with th latest but you would need to define it something like this:

args="{xpath : '/employees/employee' }"
service="employees-01.xml" />

The only property available is xpath which specified what part of the document to put in the accordion.

Here is a sample of the XML:*checkout*/ajax/ws/jmaki/widgets...

Joined: 2006-06-21

Thanks for your response. I thought I was using the latest version of jmaki. I've installed the latest NB module and created a new webapp and added the jMaki framework and accordionXML still shows up under the resources/spry directory.

I am having some problems with reading an external XML source (through the service parameter) - when I am debugging (and use a breakpoint in any function), the XML data is read and displayed correctly but does not work when I run he application normally: "spry:region or spry:detailregion attribute has no data set!". I am suspecting that when I am debugging, it has time to send and receive the XML data.

Is there any accordion with XML support that I can use other the the unsupported accordionXML?