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best performances for a java server: linux/opteron or solaris/V240?

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I have to deploy a java/CORBA server on a new host. I have to choose
between 2 configurations:

SUN, V240 2x(ultraSparc3@1,5GHz), 64Bits, RISK
Solaris 9

PC 2x(Opteron dualcore)@2.8GHz 64bits, SISK
Linux RedHat 4

which configuration is the best for my java application, in terms of performances
and reliability? Is there some deployment tips about RAM, hard
drive... things to avoid... I must take into account before bying it?

Java application:
no GUI
highly threaded
java 6 (I hope... 5 else...)
no need of developpement on this host


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Joined: 2004-01-07

Well because Sun develops both Solaris+Sparc+Java you can be sure that this combination will play really well together although I guess the Operton-Server will have more "raw" horsepower. It clearly depends on the type of application you run but for Corba I guess both Systems will do well.
So both systems should do the Job very well, I would choose the V240.

However if you would have the choice you should clearly use a Sun-Server with a SPAC-Niagara CPU (like in the T1). The are optimized for high-thread-cound and we have some in the company I worked for. The really rock ... and are quite and use little power :-)

lg Clemens

Joined: 2007-04-24


I can't choose my device since i am not the IT.
Today, my application runs well on a SOLARIS 5.9 V240, and the IT proposed me to either buy a new V240 or to get a linux/opteron.

is it much faster? (I have seen 2.8GHz, 2x2 procs...) therefore I though it was really faster.

So change?
faster => I need CPU to highly process XML
cheaper => IT said it is 2 times cheaper

Joined: 2004-01-07

well but then why do you ask here, if you already know what machine you'll choose ;)

As I said the Opteron has more "raw" power, with the Spac you get a "better" systen. The best choice would be as I said an 8-core Niagara-based system (they are quite "cheap" ~ starting with ~5000$).
Thats all I can say about - if you crunch numbers the opteron will perform better.

lg Clemens