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how to integrate jasper report in web application?

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Joined: 2007-04-23

hi im new in jasper report...
ive already know on how to design a report using ireport 1.3.1.
now, i want to integrate my report in my web app.
when i you click on a button in a jsp file it will prompt you to choose what will be the printed output(.doc,.xls,.pdf) then it prints..

thanks.. i need an immediate response... please help...

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you can use JasperIntelligence web application (if you are already using jasper report). You deploy it in tomcat and it will allow you with a web-interface that you want.
If you are not limited by iReport, or you want to try something else, you can take a look at

Exelica Spreadsheet Reporting platform, it has both the report designer and server to host/deploy/process reports. You can find it here: