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architecture of cldc output files?

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Joined: 2007-01-31

hi,I have compiled linux-i386.But the output directory contains many directories. They are too large for embeded system.
I want to know which files are necessary, and what function of the every fold?
what differences between dist and target folds?
what differences between product and release in target director?
1.output: classes, linux_i386,tmpclasses, classes.jar

2.linux_i386: dist, target, loopgen, romgen, tools bin ,debug, generated, release, product

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Joined: 2007-03-27

if you plan to use the VM alone, the only file necessary is the cldc_hi executable in the dist/bin directory. cldc_hi_g is the debug version and cldc_hi_r the release version.

In general, dist contains everything that is publicly exported by the VM (header files, library, etc.) These files are needed to compile the other components.

A product build doesn't have traces or assertion checks enabled. A lot of configuration parameters are hardcoded and cannot be changed by command line options. It's the fastest and smallest build used in production code.

Release builds are similar to product builds but many parameters can be changed by command line options. They are used to tune the system.