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How to upgrade JVM of Java compatible mobiles

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Hello Folks,
I am curious on how do we upgrade the JVM of java compatible of mobile? ANy help will be appreciated.


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This is a tough question, because it depends highly upon what kind of device you have. Unfortunately most devices are "closed" in that individuals aren't allowed to update the built-in code the device runs, including the JVM. This operation is reserved for manufacturers or operators. In some cases you can go into a retail store and have the device's software updated. In some cases updates are pushed to devices over the air. But if you want to put your own software (for example, phoneME) on the phone, you probably can't on these closed devices.

There are some platforms (such as Symbian and Windows Mobile) that I believe do allow you to install your own software. You might be able to build and install your own JVM. There are also a number of projects that are developing open platforms, even based on open source, such as OpenMoko. Of course on such devices you'd be in full control of what software they run. However, I don't think these devices are available just yet.


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As of 7/9/2007 there's a "[BUY IT NOW]" button on