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2nd display issue with JoglPipeline / Mac

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Hi folks,

I have a customer who is using Java 3D 1.5 on Mac OS 10 with the
JoglPipeline renderer. They need features only available with J3D
1.5, so they can't release their product using the native Java 3D
rendering pipeline supplied by Apple's 1.3.2 implementation of Java

They are able to set up a 2nd display on their MacBook Pro and feed
the video to a projector when using the native 1.3.2 pipeline, but
with JoglPipeline and 1.5 the 3D canvas on the 2nd display is blank.

Has anybody else experienced this problem with the Mac or when using
the JoglPipeline, and have a way to get around it? If not I will
submit an issue based on a more detailed bug scenario from the
customer. Unfortunately I don't have a MacBook Pro so I can't exactly
reproduce or describe the scenario myself at this point.



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