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Dojo Tabview & JSF SelectOneMenu not displaying in Firefox

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Joined: 2007-03-19

HI All,

I am using a dojo tabbedview with the url of a pane pointing to aJSF page:

The managewo.faces page makes use of a tag.

The tag renders correctly (The edit box & down arrow appears), but clicking the down arrow does not display the dropdown box on FireFox (displays fine in IE).

I know this is more likly a dojo or Firefox question rather than a jMaki question, but I figured I'd try here first. Using jMaki 8.3.2 from Eclipse plug-in. I thought about using the dojo.combobox, but I don't need ajax functionality on this field, plus I'm getting the 'can't find template file' error on dojo.combobox as well.

Any ideas,

Thanks in advance,

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Joined: 2007-03-19


I cannot help you with the question but maybe with 'can't find template file'.
Have you checkeck that you have the following folder arboresence:

\resources\dojo\combobox + all widget files in this folder

and of course the "libs" folder like \resources\libs


I happened to get the same error message and it usually was a path problem or missing file.